Best Humidifiers for Baby 2018-Buyer’s Guide

Best Humidifiers for Baby

A humidifier is a necessity in today’s polluted and dry air which can cause many problems in your newborn and toddler. Your child can develop a cough, cold, mucus and have other respiratory and skin problems.

Humidifiers work to maintain a healthy moisture level in the nursery air and also make it pure. Many pediatricians recommend us, fathers, to get one humidifier for our child. So, I thought of cooking up a list of the best humidifiers out there.

I have included various types of humidifiers, and some are also great for the whole family. So check out the list and pick the one that suits you best.

The 5 Best Humidifiers You Can Buy for Your Baby

Looking for the best humidifier for baby? Make your baby sleep more comfortably – these five humidifiers give a pleasing and healthy experience for all.

1. Honeywell HCM-350W

You can keep your air moistened and germ free for 24 hours using 2 gallons of water at low setting. This makes it a good option when you are too busy with work and forget to keep refilling the tank.Even though it is a cool mist humidifier, it doesn’t interfere with the room temperature. and is among the best humidifier for baby.

tom's reviewed Honeywell HCM350W

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 You can save many trips to the doctor which can result from your child catching cold. Honeywell HCM-350W does a good job of saving your baby from flue and allergies while being quiet enough not to disturb his sleep.

The model comes with a filter to remove the impurities from regular water and keeps the nursery air pure and fresh. Another innovation is the ultraviolet light which also kills the germ present in tap water.
Honeywell provides a sturdy build with a shatterproof fiber body which lasts many years. It’s a good investment for your hard earned money.

You can confidently go for Honeywell HCM-350W if your nursery isn’t too big. Most nurseries I have seen are within 500 square feet. So you can get all the benefits of this super nice cool mist humidifier at the optimum.This can go a long way to keep your baby healthy and fine.
Doesn’t leave white dust on surfacesNot suitable for large rooms - so it may not be ideal for your living room
Almost soundless even on higher speedsFilters have to be changed every few months
The 3 speed control settings gives you the flexibility to choose what you need
Easy to maintain and clean - just takes minutes to get the job done!
Can operate on low setting for 24 hours with a single filling
Doesn’t change the room temperature, as some other competitors would



Our list is about humidifiers for babies, but I wondered why not review something which can be useful for the whole family too! You are sure to be around your baby most of the time and it does make some good sense. It’s also among the best humidifier for baby.The AirCare MA1201 is a console-style humidifier which can be used for the whole house. Properties of up to 3,600 square feet can use this system to spread moisture to the whole house. But you need to place the unit at a strategic place so that the moisture dispersion is even or more in the nursery.

Tom’s reviewed AIRCARE MA1201

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The humidifier has an auto shutdown feature which powers down the machine when it runs out of water. It also has a big tank- 3.6 gallons which can generate 12 gallons of moisture!

Being a console evaporative humidifier, it is a bit bulky, especially compared to some of the other choices you have there. But the problem is resolved with the casters that make it easy to move around.
You will find a clear display with all necessary information and easy controls to adjust settings. Kids can be prevented from meddling with the settings by using the control lock feature.

The AirCare MA1201 requires a bit of running costs but the returns outweigh it thousand times. You get a consistent level of humidity for the whole house at a great price.If you are purchasing a humidifier, it makes sense to go for something that will be more useful.
Great for big houses and big roomsTends to be a bit noisy in higher settings
Easy to roll around and surprisingly portable given its weightFilters are thin
Durable and sturdy, and can last years without a worryA bit on the heavier side
Equipped with in-built humidistat to help you get accurate air quality diagnosis

3. TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier
This one is best for fathers who want to guarantee a clean and germ-free air for their child and is among the best humidifier for baby. The TaoTronics Cool Mist humidifier comes with a microporous ceramic cartridge which wipes out harmful micro-organisms, magnesium ions or calcium from the water to release only fresh and moistened the air.

toms reviewed TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier

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Ultrasonic technology allows super quiet operation while giving superior performance. You can set three levels of mist depending upon your needs, and a whole tank can work for 15 hours.

It also comes with LED lights, a bright display, and easy controls. You can switch most of the LEDs off at night to make your baby sleep peacefully.

You can adjust the 360-degree nozzle and set the mist towards a specific direction. It makes it possible to keep the unit away from your child while ensuring the required humidity of the air around him.

The TaoTronics Cool Mist humidifier is perfect for nurseries up to 500 to 600 square feet. It promotes the sleep of your baby and keeps the air fresh all the time. Being easy to clean is also another advantage we working fathers find convenient.It is one of the best air purifiers and humidifiers, and you can’t go wrong with it. Place it in the nursery or living room; you can enjoy the comfortable moisture with the same consistency.
Displays humidity levels anytime, so that you know the air quality around youWhile unlikely, there have been reports of mild developing at the base of the tank, so you do need to clean it regularly
Can be used with tap water, which gives it a major plus
Super quiet, ideal when you want to switch it in and doze off
Portable and compact, helping you to move it around as needed
Automatic shutdown feature if water runs out, preventing any damage to the machine

4. BONECO Air-O-Swiss Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier 7147

I will not recommend this best humidifier for baby if you are running a budget. But all other things considered, it is a great humidifier with endless features.
Being fully digital, it can predict the room air conditions and release mist accordingly. You can get both warm and cool must depending on your need. It is perfect to maintain a comfortable room temperature for your child to rest in.

BONECO Air-O-Swiss Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier 7147

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Another feature that stands out is the super quiet mode. It runs real low on noise even on highest settings. I found it is unnecessary to use the highest setting as the surface of other materials becomes damp. Running it on low or medium levels does the job while conserving power.

The machine needs to be highly maintained with regular replacement of the hydro cell and demineralization cartridge. You also need to clean it using only the recommended EZ Cal or EZ Cal Pro solution if you use tap water.

The Boneco digital humidifier could be a worthy purchase if you got the time and money to maintain it. It offers a great performance with strong mist which keeps the air moistened for a long time.

Not just for your baby, the humidifier is also suitable to improve the living conditions for the whole family.
Highly effective with super quiet performanceHigh maintenance
Both cool and warm mist is availableHumidity mode, level, and other settings have to be done anew after every shutdown
Fully digital, offering you a better user experience
Durable with strong body

5. Vornado Ultra3 Whole Room Ultrasonic Humidifier

The last one on our list for the best humidifier for baby is an affordable option for parents who want an efficient humidifier with a low footprint.

Vornado Ultra3 Whole Room Ultrasonic Humidifier

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The Vornado Ultra3 is an ultrasonic humidifier using the Vortex circulation to create a healthy and pure living environment for the baby. The sleek shape and circulation technology can moisten the air of rooms up to 600 square feet.

It also comes with a mineral cartridge which ensures no buildup is left on the furniture surfaces. The electronic humidistat is helpful to automatically maintain the optimum humidity level in the air.

You can also manually control the process with three fan speed settings. The unit has easy controls with LEDs for working out with the settings. It is compact, lightweight and can easily fit on the tabletop in the nursery.

With a tank capacity of 1 gallon, it can generate 2 gallons of mist per day.

The versatile ultrasonic humidifier is not just suitable for your baby, but can be helpful to the whole family. It is great for families on the go who need something convenient and lightweight to carry around.

The only problem is the lack of a quiet mode which can be resolved by running it in low or medium fan speeds.
Doesn’t take up much spaceIt can be a bit noisy in the highest fan setting
Auto humidity control
No white dust is left behind
Special circulation method for better results
Easy to use controls with near zero learning curve

Baby Humidifier Buying Guide

Wondering what you should know before you make your first humidifier purchase? Here are some of the things that you need to look at.

  •  It is useful to check for a few functions and features when you are buying a humidifier for your baby.
  •  The unit should not have any gaps or vents through which the baby can cut his hands or fingers.
  •  You should check for the noise levels as it can disturb with your baby’s rest.
  • Buy a humidifier with filter or mineral removal cartridge if you are going to use tap water
  • An auto shutdown feature is useful for protecting the machines when water runs out.
  •  You can automatically maintain the room humidity with a built-in adjustable humidistat.


What Should I Look for When Choosing a Humidifier?

Your needs will determine the type of humidifier you will need. Let’s check out the important considerations to keep in mind.

Cool Mist or Hot Steam

Both types of humidifiers produce moisture but in different ways. In case of hot steam, there is a heating element in the humidifier which evaporates the water by transforming it to steam.

Some doctors say that hot air promotes your baby’s breathing and kills germs in the air. The latter may be true, but by the time the air reaches your baby’s lungs, there is no difference between cool mist and hot mist humidifiers.

Hot steam humidifiers should be kept out of reach of children as they have chances of scalding your child on contact.

Cool mist humidifiers, on the other hand, do not use any heating method. It releases water vapor into the air with the help of a fan. The moisture is generated at room temperature, and there is no fear of child safety.

It also runs on less electricity compared to hot mist humidifiers.

Filter or No Filter

Many humidifiers will come with a filter to remove impurities from the water. Moisture produced from clean water is also pure and germ-free which is a necessity for babies.

You should buy a humidifier with a filter if you want to use tap water. Else you have to put only distilled water in the tank to create mist.

It’s better to buy a humidifier with filter and use tap water instead of keep investing in distilled water. You have to clean and change the filters from time to time though!

Effective Area

The capacity of your humidifier will determine the area it will effectively moisturize. Some are fit for using only in a small nursery of up to 500 to 600 square feet.

You can purchase console humidifiers which have higher capacity and can work for the whole house. They are generally bulky and consume more electricity.

In-duct humidifiers are also available which are placed in ducts and takes care of the whole property. But they are expensive and needs special installation.

Built-In Diffuser

Humidifiers are only meant to release steam. You shouldn’t put any essential oils to create the aroma. However, there are some humidifiers which have built-in diffusers where you can load up the essential or aroma oils. But make sure that your baby is not allergic to such products before you use them.


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